At Buwenge Modern Secondary School , we offer a well-rounded curriculum that aligns with the national educational standards of Uganda. Our academic programs are designed to foster intellectual curiosity, develop analytical skills, and encourage independent thinking.

The core subjects include English, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Social Studies, and Foreign Languages (French and Swahili). In addition, we provide a range of elective subjects such as Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Fine Arts, and Physical Education.

Our Admission

Admission is open to students from diverse backgrounds who have completed primary education. We evaluate prospective students based on their academic performance, character references, and an entrance examination. We are committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity within our student body.

Join us at Buwenge Modern Secondary School , where we foster academic excellence, character development, and social responsibility. Prepare for a bright future and become a catalyst for positive change in our society.