BMSS Tech Hub

The school computer lab provides students and teachers with access to computers, software, and internet connectivity for educational purposes.Below are some of the benefits students enjoy:

  • The primary purpose of the school computer lab is to enhance the learning experience of students by incorporating technology into their educational journey. It serves as a hub for students to engage in research, complete assignments, develop digital literacy skills, and explore various educational software and online resources.
  • Internet connectivity is a crucial component of a school computer lab. It enables students to conduct online research, access educational websites, collaborate with peers, and utilize web-based educational tools. Schools often implement content filtering and other security measures to ensure safe and appropriate internet usage within the lab.
  • Computer labs provide an ideal environment for students to develop digital literacy skills. Teachers and lab assistants may offer training sessions to help students become proficient in using computers, software, and internet resources effectively and responsibly.

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Core Subjects: The curriculum in Uganda includes various core subjects taught at different levels of education. Some of the core subjects at O and A Level are:

Secondary Education (O-level): English Language, Mathematics, Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), Social Studies, Geography, History, Religious Education, and a local language.

Secondary Education (A-level): Students have the option to specialize in different subjects, including Sciences, Arts, and Commercial. Some common subjects include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature in English, Economics, History, Geography, Divinity, Entrepreneurship, and General Paper.