Our history

In 1985, I the director went to Mwiri primary school in Jinja district, completed p7 in 1991, joining Busoga college Mwiri for o level in 1992. In 1996 I joined Progressive secondary School in Bweyogere kampala, a private mixed secondary School, which gave me my first experience to study with girls, I can’t forget how I struggled to catch-up, fearing to write notes on the table in class, I was hiding my book on my laps.Here I became a mess/dinning perfect after going through a vigorous campaign where bought sweets from the back door in kikuubo central kampala, the traders were striking against a newly introduced tax , VAT.
It was in this school that I got experience of managing a school hence the birth of Buwenge modern secondary School in October 1998

It was in this school that I got experience of managing a school hence the birth of Buwenge modern secondary School in October 1998. I scored AAA in my combination HED as I left s.5 to s.6 in 1997. During that long holiday, without our knowledge, our school Directors parted ways, they divided the school premises, Mr.Juuko Stephen took the school administration area& classrooms giving it a new name a St.stephen ss Bweyogere.

Meanwhile the other Director mr.kaawha Amoti took the boys dormitories which became classrooms & girls dormitories, the boys were pushed further deep in Butto village where the director had acquired land & constructed incomplete structures.& remained with the name Progressive secondary School Bweyogere. So he paid the boda bodas at the stage so whenever a child reported he/she was just taken to progressive ss, something which disadvantaged mr. Juuko’ s st.stephen ss , it didn’t realise a good number of students.

This put me. kaawha at a risk of his life, he appeared deep in the night at the boys end & briefed us the prefects , being in charge of the dinning, I took over the welfare responsibility, in charge of the food store, sugar for teachers and prefects, I remember taking some of my lessons in the kitchen with cooks. The academic prefect was handling transport allowances for teachers etc. Other perfects also played their roles.

It was that which made me mobilise my friends, a one Jb musoke from zana on entebe road but we had studied together at progressive& another called Wagaluka Moses from Busegula near luzinga my home village.hes now a major in updf,an ISO operative. I also mobilised a one waiswa from igombe village near kagoma county headquarters, he had been at Busoga college in o level.

So I searched for a house and found a one mzee Sserwada, who’s now departed ( MHSRIP) very willing to offer his house for a school but I found it not fit & it was on mpungwe road, off luzinga road.i later rented from mukyala kibande (MHSRIP)of bubaale village , luzinga, very friendly & a mother.The house was at Busiiya on luzinga road next to Mandwa Buwenge, a traditional spirit medium. I don’t remember paying her well because I was a student at makerere university but she was so dear to me.

So having opened the school in 3rd term, we had no good number of students. When we opened in first term 1999, still the number was not good, less than 50. One visitor Mr.Gulale of Busiiya advised me to change strategy , remove all other classes & remain with only S1, which I bought.

It was hard sending away our 2 senior 5 students , one was called kakoolwa from igombe but it was worth it, since we were struggling. Later all my coalegues abandoned me, I also got discouraged & abandoned the school, not even wanting to pass near it but I wanted it to continue surviving, I heard later some one had planted juju/witchcraft for me to run mad so My GOD saved me by making me dislike the school. I only remained with Waiswa who was hardworking, he had only ended in A level.

I was now studying Bachelor of Education at makerere university, my head worked had day& night thinking of how to make the school better.In about 2001, I moved the school to lubanyi road on a tractor, with a few ramshuckled tables & limping benches, into Mr.Sempas house.it had been previously occupied by Buwenge progressive of Mr.Isaac headed by mr.kasawo Martin(MHSRIP), a very assertive and proud young man by then , was later my friend in his last days.

2002 things didn’t go well, I only discovered Waiswa whom I had left the school as in charge had not registered UCE candidates despite parents paying UNEB registration fees, I struggled with the parents, the then mp for kagoma Dr.Nabwiso Frank and my friend mr.wambuya Patrick who was heading st.peters college buweera helped to resolve the impase, students had to be registered again since the school did not have a center number.

In 2003, my elder brother Dr.George Musambira who lives in the US visited Uganda, he had never believed that I opened a school. Good enough I had aquired a loan of 3m from the then uganda women finance trust , Mr.mugabo was my credit officer. I had bought 60*100 feet at Bwase village, the current site from Mr Waibi( MHSRIP) T 1.7m , then the rest of the money I bought bricks and sand. By the time George busted, the materials had grown into a bush, you could not even think there were materials.

So he visited the site & came to believe I had opened a school, remember he had paid my school fees since childhood up to university. So he went & briefed our mother ,the late Monica Kwegemya Namugaya Kirenda (MHSRIP) he agreed to advance me a loan which he did when he got back to the US.

He sent me about six millions & construction begun in 2004 & in 3rd term of that year, we transferred the school to it’s current site, some of the photos will be shared.

In 2005 , the school was registered & obtained a UNEB center number u1881 with capacity to sit 110 students, today’s the sitting capacity is at 260. In 2013, it was upgraded to A level status.