School Curriculum

Uganda’s secondary school curriculum that we follow:

Structure: The Ugandan school curriculum consists of different levels: primary education, secondary education, and tertiary education.

Secondary Education: After completing primary education, students proceed to secondary education. This level comprises four years of lower secondary (O-level) and two years of upper secondary (A-level) education. The Ordinary Level (O-level) is completed after Senior 4 (S4), while the Advanced Level (A-level) is completed after Senior 6 (S6).

At Buwenge Modern Secondary School , we offer a well-rounded curriculum that aligns with the national educational standards of Uganda. Our academic programs are designed to foster intellectual curiosity, develop analytical skills, and encourage independent thinking. The core subjects include English, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Social Studies, and Foreign Languages (French and Swahili). In addition, we provide a range of elective subjects such as Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Fine Arts, and Physical Education.